We are now at the end of 2019, but there are stuff i still use daily that i “might” or might not upgrade in 2020. One of them is a laptop that came out almost 10 years ago which i got last year (used), first gen i7, SSD, 16gb RAM, works pretty well for the type of stuff i do daily, but the laptop is huge and heavy to carry around, the Fan noise is annoyingly loud when its used not in an AC environment. most probably I’m gonna keep using this till it dies.

Next is a pair of running shoes I bought in 2007, Made in China, you’re probably guessing that I’m in my 20s, I’m not. I don’t exercise daily so they’re kinda in a good shape, got the soles glued and sewed few years ago, Ill probably be using them this Saturday.

17 inch flat screen desktop monitor that i purchased in 2008. I only had it serviced once, the main power was out. It is still my main monitor to this day.

I’ll add more stuff here later

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